Fermín Fraguas Perpiñá was born in Barcelona on May 30th, 1958.

He obtained his university degree in Architecture, specialized in PROYECTO, URBANISMO E HISTORIA by the Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura de Barcelona in July, 1987. That same year, he started his professional career, funding the Fermín Fraguas Perpiñá architectural firm.

He obtained the A.P.I. (Real Estate Agent) degree issued by the Public Work and Environmental Ministry in Madrid, in September, 1994.

Throughout the many years in his profession, he has developed all his projects in his career with responsibility, hard work and perseverance.








Bruna Poblet Roura, 1976, Architect by ETSAB in 2004.

Francesc Xavier Costa Iranzo, 1975, Architect by ETSAB in 2004.

Jorge Garcés Morandé, 1977, Architect by Universidad Católica de Chile in 2004.

David Recio Muniesa, 1984, Architect by ETSAB in 2010.

Julio Prado Olivares, 1972, Architect by ETSAM in 1998.

Carolina Aguilera Figueroa, 1974, Lawyer, Master Degree in Tourism and Business Law.